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Monoclonal Antibody Catalog

Many of SLRC's EAP™ -Derived Monoclonal Antibodies are available as research-use-only reagents. Please click on the clone ID for product availability and more information. Additional clones are available for many antigens. We can also provide custom formulation, conjugation, and assay development for any clone or antigen.



Small Molecules

CH2074 Polyethylene Glycol IgG1κ
CH2076 Polyethylene Glycol IgG1λ
CH1911 Dinitrophenol IgG1κ
CH1912 Dinitrophenol IgG1κ
CH1913 Dinitrophenol IgG1κ
CH1915 Biotin IgG2bλ
CH1916 Biotin IgG2bλ
CH2065 Estradiol IgG1κ
CH2066 Dehydroepiandrosterone IgG2bκ
CH2017 Atrazine IgG1κ
CH2088 Amoxicillin IgG1κ
CH2086 Ampicillin IgG1κ
CH2062 Cefazolin IgG2aκ
CH2089 Cefazolin IgG1κ
CH2034 Ceftiofur IgG1κ
CH2025 Cephalosporin / Cephapirin IgG1κ
CH2012 Erythromycin IgG1κ
CH2009 Gentamicin IgG3κ
CH2032 Gentamicin IgG1κ
CH2063 Nafcillin IgG1κ
CH2021 Neomycin IgG1κ
CH2049 Penicillin & other beta-lactams IgG1κ
CH2011 Penicillin (residues) IgG1κ
CH2013 Streptomycin IgG1κ
CH2027 Sulfadimethoxine IgG1κ
CH2019 Sulfamethazine IgG1κ
CH2023 Tylosin / Tilmicosin IgGκ
CH2039 Tetracycline IgGκ



CH1801 Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron IgMκ
CH1802 Bacteroides distasonis IgG3κ
CH1803 Bacteroides fragilis IgMκ
CH1804 E. coli IgG2aκ
CH1805 E. coli IgG2aλ
CH1806 Enterobacter spp. IgMκ
CH1807 E. coli IgG3κ
CH1808 E. coli IgG3κ
CH1809 E. coli IgG2aκ
CH1810 E. coli IgG1κ
CH1811 E. coli IgG1κ
CH1812 Bacteria (broad range) IgG2bκ
CH1813 Bacteria (broad range) IgG2bκ
CH1814 Bacteria (broad range) IgG2bκ
CH1815 Bacteria (broad range) IgG2aκ
CH1816 Bacteria (broad range) IgG3κ
CH1822 Bacteria (broad range) IgG2bκ
CH1826 Bacteria (broad range) IgG1κ
5210-02 Collagenase from Leptospira spp. IgG2aκ
5210-07 Collagenase from Leptospira spp. IgG3κ
5210-13 Collagenase from Leptospira spp. IgG1κ
5210-17 Collagenase from Leptospira spp. IgG2aλ
5210-23 Enolase from Leptospira spp. IgG2bκ
5210-35 Enolase from Leptospira spp. IgG2aλ
5210-37 Enolase from Leptospira spp. IgG1κ
5182-02 Bacillus anthracis Protective Antigen (PA) IgG1κ
5182-21 Bacillus anthracis Protective Antigen (PA) IgG1κ
5182-27 Bacillus anthracis Protective Antigen (PA) IgMκ
5182-35 Bacillus anthracis Protective Antigen (PA) IgG1κ
5182-05 Bacillus anthracis Antigen CotE IgG2aκ
5182-26 Bacillus anthracis Antigen BcIB IgG1κ


Antimicrobial Resistance

6101-33 CTX-M ß-lactamases IgG2aκ
6101-19 CTX-M ß-lactamases IgG1κ
6101-66 AmpC / CMY ß-lactamases IgG2bκ
6101-68 AmpC / CMY ß-lactamases IgG2aκ
6101-71 AmpC / CMY ß-lactamases IgG1κ
6101-39 NDM ß-lactamases IgG2bκ
6101-42 NDM ß-lactamases IgG2aκ
6101-44 NDM ß-lactamases IgG2aκ
6101-54 TEM and SHV ß-lactamases IgG2aκ
6101-57 TEM and SHV ß-lactamases IgG1κ
6101-37 TEM ß-lactamases IgG2bκ
6101-53 TEM ß-lactamases IgG2aκ
6101-90 SHV ß-lactamases IgG1κ
6101-95 SHV ß-lactamases IgG2aκ
1019-01 PBP2a from MRSA IgG1κ
1019-20 PBP2a from MRSA IgG2aκ
1019-12 PBP2a from MRSA IgG1κ
1019-16 PBP2a from MRSA IgG1κ



1034-08 Zika Virus (ZIKV) Envelope IgG2aκ
1034-33 Zika Virus (ZIKV) Envelope IgG2aκ
1034-26 Zika Virus (ZIKV) Envelope IgG2aκ
1034-02 Zika Virus (ZIKV) 2K Protein IgG1κ
1034-07 Zika Virus (ZIKV) 2K Protein IgG1κ


Toxins and Threat Agents

5207-38 Conotoxin MI, GI IgG2aκ
5207-39 Conotoxin MI IgG2bκ
5207-40 Conotoxin MI, GI IgG2aκ
1025-06 Ricin A Chain IgG1κ
1025-05 Abrin A Chain IgG1λ
1025-12 Ricin B Chain IgG1κ
1025-19 Ricin, Abrin B Chain IgG1κ


Misc. Proteins

CH1919 Ovalbumin IgG1κ
CH1920 Albumin, canine IgG1κ
CH1921 Albumin, rabbit IgG1κ
CH1922 Albumin, turkey IgG2aκ
CH1923 Albumin, pigeon IgG1κ
CH1924 Myoglobin, horse IgG1κ
1013-05 Kappa Ig light chain IgG1κ
1014-01 Lambda Ig light chain IgG1κ
1036-06 Collagen Type VII, Human, NC2 Domain IgG1κ
1036-05 Collagen Type VII, Human, NC2 Domain IgG1κ
0986-02 Amylase, salivary, human IgG1κ
0987-03 IgA, human IgG1κ
1027-01 Superoxide dismutase, SOD-1, Human, soluble oligomers IgG1κ
1032-10 Glucagon, human/mouse/dog IgG1κ
1032-41 Glucagon, human/mouse/dog IgG1κ